One Minute Show

The ‘One Minute Show’ is a low budget, late night, train-wreck of a news programme starring a fresh faced foreigner news presenter aspiring to be a top BBC anchor but settling for the smallest and least competent news organisation the UK has ever known instead.

Larry Lumpkin


With: Lee Francis Copp, Gunce Ates

Mr Larry Lumpkin is an eye witness to a train crash and the presenter has the exclusive! However his accent is almost inaudible to her and everyone else and he might be under the influence of alcohol?

The reporter struggles to understand his long winded inaudible story/accent and the technical crew take the initiative in order to save the show; will they save the day or make the situation worse? Tune in to find out more!
With: Nigel Harvey, Gunce Ates

‘Sir Malcolm Kelly’ an army general, stands on a dark hilltop and the presenter is so ready with her questions.

The studio can’t believe their luck! Strangely, Sir Kelly prepares himself ready to speak to the BBC; but this is OMN and our presenter tries to disguise her producers tactlessness with a truly professional performance.

Worse still, the technical delay means our guest sounds more sympathetic to the ISIS terrorists and hostile towards the refugee’s!? at the same time.


Alone with Pie

With: Nicholas Pople, Tarik Badwan, Gunce Ates, Sharon Wymark, Ciaran Parsons

The presenter must negotiate an argument between two work colleagues, and what better way to do this then with a live audience. The topic is no small one either; it is Brexit!

Uri won’t leave without a deal, Polis wants Uri’s job so Chris wants Uri to remain. Chris also voted to leave the EU Brexit, or was it Uri or Polis? Just like with Brexit it feels like impulsive decisions are made based on feelings about each other instead of on clear judgement.

The audience’s answers are even more irrational, an angry Brexit voter tries to bring the NHS into the debate, another brings a pointless revelation we already know.

Our foreign presenter is bamboozled by the wackiness of Brexit….welcome to the club.
With: Gunce Ates

Welcome to the world of lonesome people.
In this episode, we learn some tips on overcoming loneliness and what could beat a night at home alone with a well cooked, delicious Mainsbury’s fish pie!

Fresh from the microwave.


David Plain

With: Pete Nata, Gunce Ates

Today’s news programs are full of so called experts, and they advise us on everything; how to look after your children, train your dog, wash your dishes, wipe your bum the list is endless.

We are a generation of experts; everyone is looking for an answer, everyone has an opinion and some people can take advantage of this situation.

Todays ‘Mystic self made Guru’ guest comes with his very own entourage of devout gullible followers (or enlightened ones), and he is an expert on ‘sex in the afterlife’.

The presenter however tries to push her own agenda ‘male erectile dysfunction’ on behalf of her line Producer only to find herself entangled between both of their plans.
With: Robert Hughes, Gunce Ates

The presenter has a new studio guest! David Plain: the train model enthusiast and part time serial killer.

Determined to get this interview done with on time she fires her quick questions at him trying her best to keep the interview exciting but she notices that his boringness is sending the studio audience to sleep.

Yellow Vest

Male Presenter

With: Denis Michallet, Carole Le Clanche, Gunce Ates

The presenter is in France for the yellow vest protest, what an opportunity to catch some breaking News!

She doesn’t know the country but she will be fine, her producer has hand picked some angry protesters to speak with her and these Frenchmen are an educated bunch she’s’ been told. The only downside is they don’t speak any English!
With: Nicholas Pople, Gunce Ates

The one minute show opens and we start with the Male Presenter, is this the star of our news programme? No he is the cleaner.

What a promotion! Just the type of job a man with a messiah complex is suited for, waffling and bragging he brings nothing of relevance to the daily news agenda?

This condescending man is arrogant and chauvinistic, but lucky for us our female presenter has got the balls to put him in his place!
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